Fishing For Felines: TNR Services in Paphos

Support TNR “Trap Neuter Release” in Paphos

The purpose of Fishing for Felines is to assist in the capture of street cats for veterinarian treatment. Cats are instinctively street smart and easily evade capture.

Throughout the Mediterranean region cats roam freely, controlling the snake and rodent population. At the same time cats are scavengers and can sustain themselves easily when living near to human contact. The food supply is plentiful for free range cats which has greatly increased their propensity to over-populate.Fishing for Felines endeavors to assist in trapping and transporting cats for the purpose of sterilisation. Injured cats are also collected for professional assessment and care. Generally cats are trapped near dusk, held in a pre-surgical fasting state overnight, operated the following day and returned to their usual location on the day thereafter. Each cat is ear-tipped which identifies that individual as surgically sterilised. In colonies where cats eat together, specialized traps enable the capture of those yet unsterilised while leaving the others to roam. This technique is helpful in locations where spring-loaded traps have failed. Fishing for Felines works in partnership with Tala Cats Sanctuary. Our mission is to promote the health and wellbeing of the feral cats of Paphos and to assist the local community that share our same concerns and goals. Reduction in the number of feral births has always proven beneficial in the life and health of wandering cats.